English Grammar - Much / Many

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Computers as a Language Learning Tool

     For some tasks, computers can provide distinct advantages over more traditional approaches. The use of a computer for listening exercises often provides not only sound, but also visual input providing students with more contextual clues. Students interacting with a computer are also using motor skills as well, which can have a strong reinforcing effect on the learning process by connecting physical actions (clicking, typing) with desired results. Students are also allowed more control over their own learning process as they make the decisions when to repeat questions, exercises and sequences based on their own progress.


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Abstract Thinking Replaced by Imaginal Thinking

    The process of cognition gors through perceptual stage and rational stage. It also applies to studying process. It is our hope that teaching makes students adopt the outlook cognition from perceptual recognition to raional apprehension, and greatly lrap from perceptual thinking to rational thinking.Therefore, it is the major objective in teaching to enhance the student' abstract thinking. The multimedia technology makes content easier, and with its unique advantages, it can clarify the emphasis in teaching. While if the image and imagination in students' mind were merely showed on the screen, their abstract thinking would be restricted and logical thinking would waste away. At present the decreased students' reading competence has become a major concern for reason that textual words are replaced by sound and image, handwriting by keyboard input. The over-application of multimedia technology would worsen the situation.
     All in all, the multimedia as an assisting instrument, can not replace the dominant role of  teachers and it is part of a complete teaching process. Besides, it is not a mechanic imitation of teaching, rather it integrates the visual, textual demonstract with teachers' experiences to contribute to the programmed, automatic and teaching project so as to enhance the overall improvement of student' listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Major Means Replaced by the Assisting One.

   Application  of multimedia technology is an assisting to achieve the projected teaching effect. While, if totally dependent on multimedia devices during teaching, the teachers may be turned into slaves to the multimedia and can not play the leading role in teaching. It is observed in practice that a lot of teachers are active in multimedia teachnology application so that they are much engaged in seaching information and working out courseware. In class, they are standing by the computer and students are fixing their attention only on the screen, and therfore, there is no eye contact between teachers and students. CAT has played a dominent role in class, while both teachers and students are anslaved by the computer, and students" intiatives, originality, teachers" individualized art in teaching are totally resticted and erased. The trend of modern information and teachnology teaching appears to the extremity regardless of the essence of the traditional teaching. And hence, the notion of Creative Education should be fully comprehened that modern educational teachniques serves an assisting instrument rather than a target; and that should not dominate class. With the assistance of computer in teaching, teachers are supposed to fully urilize the academic syllabus and teaching material, to find our how much knowledge the students have gained. The multimedia information should be less and better adopted with striking emphasis and breakthroughts in teaching.

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Loss of Speaking Communication

   For a time, it has been proposed that English class should be carried through all in English language. English language and English analysis by the teachers are affective in conveying knowledge to the students from English pronunciation to comprehention, improving students' English thought patterns and oral expression. Whereas, the introduction of multimedia technology  featuring  audio, visual, textual effect can fully meets audio and  visual requirements of students and enhance their interest, but it also results in lack of communication between teachers and students, replacement of teachers' voice by  computer  sound, and teachers' analysis by visual  image and students' few chance for speaking communication. With  the favorable atmosphere by the mutual communication  between teachers and students fading away, and sound and image of multimidia affecting  student' initiative to think and speak, English class turns to courseware show and made viewers rather than the participants of class actives.